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2 bourses d’étude de niveau Master ou Doctorat à BEIHANG UNIVERSITY

L’Université de Beihang (Chine) propose deux bourses réservées à des étudiants de l’ULB, de niveau Master ou de niveau Doctorat.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous un large extrait de la lettre qui nous a été adressée par l’Université de Beihang ainsi que des documents expliquant le programmes, les documents requis pour la candidature, …

Si cette opportunité vous intéresse, les dossiers de candidature sont à faire parvenir au Vice-Recteur aux Relations internationales, Serge Jaumain, avec en copie le Professeur Jean-Michel De Waele et Jean-Louis MOORTGAT , avant le 1 mars 2013.


« …We are pleased to announce that the application process for 2013 Chinese Government Scolarships (CGSP) has now begun.

Chinese Government Scolarships have been provided annually by the Chinese Government to support overseas dtudents who wish to pursue their full time Degree studies in China sincd as early as the 1950’s. Up until 2008 candidates for the CGSP were selected directly by the Chinese Scholarship Council of the Chinese Ministry of Education. Since 2008, however, a small number of universities – those ranked among the very top in the country – have been granted full authority to select and admit students for this programme themselves, on behalf of the Chinese Governmet. Beihang University is among this small number of universities that has been granted this privilege.

These CGSP scholarships we at Beihang University have to offer are full scholarships covering tuition fees, accomodation, living allowance and medical insurance in China. We would like to point out that while many considering taking up studies in China worry about the language barrier, sutdent should not consider this a problem. All courses at Beihang University at post graduate level can be given in English.

We would like to offer a total of 2 scholarships to students from your university. … »